large round hay bale

No Dye, No Metal, Knotless Nylon...That's Smart!

Hay Nets save you money

With over 40 years of horse ownership, farming life and veterinary medicine, our family team offers the best products to you! Our goal is to provide you with products which improve the health of your animals through natural supplements, hay nets and other supportive products.

Our hay nets are designed to work with most feeding systems. We sell nets in various hole (mesh) sizes since animals have varied needs. The hay nets are most commonly used with horses, ponies, donkeys, alpacas, llamas, sheep, cattle and goats (not recommended with horned animals).

The hay nets reduce hay waste, prevent digestive issues such as colic and ulcers and make hay feedings last longer which keeps your animals warmer in the winter and helps to prevent bad behaviours associated with boredom (e.g. cribbing).